Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Looong weekends

Long weekends are good for everyone. Especially when they include a visit from my Mom and Dad who love the kids and who the kids know and trust. They even gave hugs right away to my Mom who they hadn't seen in over a month! Andrew and I actually got out for a dinner, just the two of us, which we haven't had since the beginning of April.
We spent Canada day morning at the park and then came home for snack and naps. The afternoon was a quick lunch and then off to the Canada day celebrations with lots of sunscreen and plenty of snacks. The kids were great, way better than I'd hoped actually. I figured the heat would make them cranky but it really didn't. There was a nice breeze to keep them happy and we didn't stop moving the whole time we were out.
We were home by 4 for a much needed dip in the pool on our deck. By then the water was bath temperature warm and Andrew cooled it down by bringing the sprinkler up on the deck and letting them play with it in the pool. That kept them happy for a whole hour! Rachel was particularly thrilled with it and even when the water eventually ran very cold she didn't stop playing with it until she was shivering and her lips were blue. A good snuggle in the towel with Daddy helped warm her up.
Sam spent most of his time bailing the water out of the pool onto the deck, which helped cool it down for our feet so we weren't going to complain. He's working on his two syllable words: waadl, waaduur, wadhu. He saw a lot of water this weekend due to the great heat wave and so he had plenty of reason to be pointing it out all the time.
Thank God for long weekends, Grandparents, and plans for change as we move forward.

.... I wrote this a week ago, not sure why it didn't post when I scheduled it to.

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