Saturday, August 17, 2013

First family vacation

We did it! We had our first ever family vacation. We went to Penticton for a week and kept our expectations simple and it was a great success.
Ther isn't a whole lot you can do with two little toddlers as far as grown up activities. So we centred everything around their needs and focused in being together and outside as much as possible.
The single best thing we did was book a motel with a perfect location, right across from the beach, close to a park and a water park. S every morning we went to the kids playground for some exercise and fresh air, then it was back to our one bedroom suite for snacks and naps all around. After naps we did lunch and then embarked on our messy activity for the day, generally the beach or a water park. Then it was home for dinner (having a full kitchen made a huge difference in simplifying our days) and after that we got ice cream from the little place around the corner and went to the green space park for running around.
Repeat for 5 days.... Or pretty close to that anyway.
The kids slept in two play pens that we brought with us, so the bedroom was tight but it worked. I think they really liked waking up and having us be so close to them.
It wasn't a fancy vacation but I don't think that is possible with little ones unless you brought a full time nanny with you.
Overall the car rides were long but relatively peaceful. I worked hard to keep them happy with snacks and toys and playing with their feet. We had about 45 minutes of screaming from Sam on the way there and the way back but 45 minutes out of a total journey of 8 hours is pretty reasonable for two 22 month old babes.
They turned 22 months and they really aren't babies. Sam is starting to string ideas together to narrate what's happening around him. This afternoon he fell down and I noticed and he said, "bum, down!" Then hopped up and said,"up!"
Rachel just shone on this trip. Her strength and determination to do things and go places at her own will is a sight to behold. She is like a little spider climbing up slides and then sliding down them. She loved the sand and water at e beach and didn't care much how cold she got. When she was blue we'd wrap her in a towel to warm up but she never stopped wanting to dig and fling sand and squash our sandcastle attempts. And she loved grabbing our hands and dragging us around after her to go places.
Sam on the other hand was a little more high maintenance. He does not like to walk on sand even in his shoes so he stayed on the blanket and did his best to play in the sand with his hands while perched at the edge of the blanket. It never really worked so he got kind of cranky and would eventually just want to be on our laps. So we had a lot of snuggle time with Sam. He did love the water though and once he got wet he didn't want to get out.
Both the kids really enjoyed having the both of us with them at all times. It's the longest period they've had with us both because at home we often trade off care of the kids in order to get other things done or have some alone time. But on vacation we were all together all the time for an entire week!

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