Sunday, September 22, 2013

The New News

I don't post nearly enough to keep track of when the kids reach specific milestones and that makes me feel a bit sad. I'm pretty sure I might care someday but right now I'm so caught up in living with these two constantly changing creatures that I don't have time to document cute firsts.

In fact I usually don't even have time to share them with Andrew. Except when a first happens right in front of us both. Like Wednesday night when Sam banged his head, not hard, just hard enough to warrant him making an obvious point of sticking his lip out and pretend crying while he came for a round of hugs. But that night instead of getting/requiring a hug from daddy and then getting a hug from mommy, he stopped and required a comforting hug from Rachel too! She was a little taken aback at first, unsure why this phoney crying brother was getting all up in her face. But when he hugged her she clued in and hugged him back, playing the game of 'comfort the hurt baby.' Adorable!! They are starting to include each other in their play!

Anyway since I miss so many firsts I will attempt instead to do little 'moment in time' updates to reflect where they are right now.

Right now at 23 months:
Sam and Rachel walk into daycare on their own two feet and don't even need a hug goodbye. One day this week I got high fives, the next a patient, questioning look, "you're still here?"

At daycare pick up I rarely get hugs anymore. In the last few weeks instead of little bodies plastering themselves to me I get very enthusiastic "Moommmmyyyyy! Daddy daddy daddy, home, go, car!"
Makes my mommy heart a little sore. Some day will the feel of their bodies be foreign to me? How is that possible when right now their bodies are more familiar than my own? The feel of their legs wrapped around my waist, their arms around my arm, shoulder, neck. Their bellies pressed against my legs as they lean in shyly, or against my back when I sit on the floor and they want a piggyback ride. Their heads, hair, chubby cheeks against my cheek, against my lips for one of the hundred kisses that day. I know my children in such a physical way and it surprises me how much I love that because I'm not a very physically affectionate person with friends or family. But I digress... feeling a little melancholy I think.

This week Rachel transitioned from being creeped out by her doll to role playing with her and calling her 'dawrly' and 'dawlr.' She feeds her and undresses her and gives her sips of water.

Rachel has also developed a passion for the cat. She is consistently gentle with her and will sit beside her on the carpet, petting and talking to her at length. Perhaps this is a result of Grandma giving Rachel the plate of cat food to put down for the cat at mealtimes? Now Rachel will not eat her own dinner until she has fed Pepper! Thanks Grandma for teaching Rachel about compassion and responsibility. It's a bit of a pain in the aaaa for Mommy but it's also pretty cute. :)

This week Sam learned to undress himself from his PJ's.... in his crib, when he was supposed to be going to sleep, he instead stripped naked and was quite proud of himself. I have a feeling this will become a nightly ritual.

Sam still sometimes prefers to be in our arms in the chair before bed. And he sometimes still tries to delay bedtime by giving me kisses.... every 3 seconds until I finally call in Daddy or put him in his crib. I believe this will end soon as he's much more comfy in his crib than in our arms but he still wants us to be in the room with him. If we leave for more than 5 seconds, he has a meltdown.

Sam narrates our drives very consistently now, 'bike!! bye bye! Gone, all gone." The bye bye and the gone are said in a soft, forlorn voice... heart breaking until the next Bike! These little hearts break and heal at lightening speed.

Both Rachel and Sam are testing out boundaries to see if they get the same punishment as their sibling just received. Sam does this in a very deliberate way, watching us watch him do the forbidden activity and then seems very pleased, even relaxed when he gets the same punishment. Rachel repeats the forbidden activity with vigour as quickly as she can to see how much she can do it before she gets the same punishment and is then completely OUTRAGED that she receives it.

This is getting very long so I'll stop now and try to make these posts weekly rather than monthly.