Monday, October 28, 2013

More and more adorable

Soon we will have to cut Sam's hair for the first time. But until then I'm taking a lot of pictures of his luxurious locks of golden hair. For a child that came into this world looking a little ...hard done by? ... he sure has become a beautiful boy. He just needed some hair!
Here they are all dressed up for their birthday party.

 Sam showing off his new hat, a gift from their friend Lucy, a fellow IVF baby. Am I biased or do the doctors really do pick the cutest little embryos ever?
 Sam was a much better blower than Rachel when it came to the candles but it still took a bit of practise.

 He was a little surprized when the candle actually went out.
As they get older, I think this is what I'm going to miss the most...
 them running into my arms for hugs....
 them snuggling in for hugs....
 and the wrestling and tickles and kissing that happens as part of being so physical with them.
 Sam and Rachel both love stickers and picking the one they want is getting to be a longer and longer process.
Rachel in her hat. Oh it is glorious and so is she!

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