Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two Two

It's official! We have two two-year-olds!

We had a good celebratory weekend with a couple of small friends over on Saturday for gifts and cupcakes. Then on Sunday I took the kids up to Grandma and Grandpa's early so that Daddy could get things done around the house and garage and get a night 'off.' Then he joined us on Monday for Thanksgiving and more cake and presents. It went very well overall and is definitely something we'll do more of over the coming years.

Sam quickly figured out how to blow out the candles. Rachel was determined to make it happen and took her quite a bit of practise. Every time she blew her bangs would fly up but the flame wouldn't flicker. So she kept trying and we kept relighting them until she was satisfied with the experience.

Sam and Rachel are showing some solid 2-year-old behaviours - some of which I love and some of which I will tolerate until they pass. :) I love the role playing that is starting and the preferences for specific clothes. I don't love the unreasonable attachment to specific outcomes which they can barely articulate but mean the difference between happiness and total devastation. All I can tell is it has something to do with wanting to not sit at the table to eat and the whining nearly makes my ears bleed.

I love their mispronunciations: Coat is a new word but they say 'coke.'
Sam said snake today quite clearly, ok it was more like shnake. So if he can say shnake, why not sham? The both still call Sam RaeRae if they need to use a name. But they also call other women Mommy if they need to get their attention, so names aren't that meaningful to them yet.

We all have colds right now which we succumbed to after the celebrations. Since they were small, I've had a routine of squirting saline in their noses before bedtime to help clear their sinuses so they sleep better. They do not enjoy this but they know the routine and they are usually oddly compliant for most of the process. (Daddy calls the little syringe the snot buster.)

So last night, I got out the snot buster and gave Sam the little spit up blanket to lay on the floor while I put some saline into a glass. Sam diligently waved and fluffed that blanket trying to get it to lay flat. After I helped, he quickly lay down, saying 'noe,' pointing to his nose, clearly aware of what was coming. I held his head tipped to one side and squirted. He gagged, I sat him up, he declared, 'Done.' I said, "one more side." He lay back down, I tipped his head to the other side and squirted. He gagged and I sat him up to give his nose a good blow. He was so agreeable with the whole thing, so happy to prove that he knew the process even though he doesn't like the experience. My sweet, sweet children!

That's all for now.

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