Wednesday, December 18, 2013


For a long time Sam and Rachel have had pretend phone conversations with everything from a business card to a string to a play phone. Talking on the phone is one of their most frequent acts throughout the day.

From the very beginning their conversations have always started with Hullooo, hullo?

They've built up from there to the following:
"Hullo Huuloo
Gama! Comee? (Grandma, Coming?)
Papa! Comee!
Bye Bye!"

Repeat ...many times a day. Until this week Sam when added the following:
Uuuuum, Uum Uuuuuuum Uhm
Bye Bye"

I guess the conversations I have over the phone are not that fascinating.
Toastmasters would, uhm, fail me!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

New words

This week both Rachel and Sam have started trying to say Sam's name. 'Rae Rae' is still easier for them but when we ask them to try 'Sam' Rachel says something like 'Djam' and Sam says 'Nam.'
It's adorable!

We put up the Christmas tree last weekend and they thoroughly enjoyed helping decorate. However, we've had a few instances of them taking the balls off and bringing them to me. They know it's not to play with but they can't quite resist touching and then picking the decorations off oooooh sooo carefully before saying 'uh oh!'

Today it is snowing and I'm at work. It's the first time they've seen snow as far as they remember anyway and I look forward to it accumulating enough that we can take them out for a walk/play in it.

It's going to be a magical Christmas!