Saturday, February 8, 2014


An FET cycle is easy peazy compared to a full IVF cycle. Just some estrogen pills for 12 days, some ultrasounds (daily for 5-7 days) and the transfer, which is very non-invasive compared to retrieval.
So I'm on the estrogen now...
And the antibiotics, oh and a probiotic to help counter the antibiotic affect on the tummy.
Oh and vitamin D to help keep the immune system strong.
Oh and of course the regular multivitamin.
Oh and a daily aspirin to .... God only knows what! Maybe thin the blood just a bit? Reduce any other inflammation?
It all boils down to 14 pills a day. 14 pills a day!
This is my day, I had to write it down because there was no other way to remember it all:
Breakfast: antibiotics (x2), estrogen(2), aspirin
Snack am: probiotic and vitamin d
Snack pm: antibiotic
Dinner: antibiotic, vitamin D
Evening snack: multivitamin, estrogen(2)
Bedtime: antibiotic

This really is easy compared to pills AND needles with meds that you have to mix etc. but wholly smack! Some people can just have sex and accomplish conception?!?! Really? Really?

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