Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First Full Sentences

Sam has been stringing individual words together for quite a while now.
"Mommy! Bear Down! Up! Please!" or "Bear Crib Wait!" or "Bear Down! Sad! Hug Better!" said with clarity and exclamation points.
He likes to narrate everything that is happening every minute of the day. So it's not surprising that he's the first one to put a full proper sentence together which happened this weekend:
Here you go, Daddy.
I did it.
Sam did it.
I have the feeling it will be non-stop chatter from now until he's a teenager.
Also in January he transitioned from calling himself Nam to Tam (for a few weeks) and he's now got his S's in place. He is officially Ssam. :)

Rachel continues to use single words and word combinations and simply doesn't feel the need to articulate the obvious every minute of the day. But her language is coming along very nicely.

Now if only I could figure out if they are RG colour blind. They get the other colours correctly almost all the time but they mix up red and green a LOT!

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