Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hope rejoined

Our little Hope thawed out beautifully and remains a fantastic 19/20! That is great news.
The transfer went very well and I did my best to spend the rest of the day lying very low. I even hid from my children for an hour when the came home from daycare to avoid the worst of the evening crazies. No guilt!
Now for the long wait. 12 long days until I do the blood test which will confirm where we stand.
Things are looking very very good though. And I think it's no small thing that today is my brothers birthday.
My brother Wes is probably the biggest reason I ever wanted to be a mom. I was 4 and a half when he was born and I recall waiting at my aunty Lillian's house waiting for my dad to come tell us what kind of baby mommy had. I remember him arriving and saying it was a boy and I yelled and shrieked and ran around in circles for ages thrilled at the news.
I called him 'she' and 'her' for over a year but gender was irrelevant. I adored my baby brother, adored him, wanted to do everything to take care of him, was pretty sure he was mine and my mom just helped.
I am certain he was there with us today pulling for our Hope, loving us from heaven.

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