Friday, March 7, 2014

The wait is sooooo long

This wait is awful. Imagine your most hormonal period and extend it for weeks, then add a big emotional climax over which you have little to no control.
However, just in case it might make a difference, during this awful wait you are supposed to relax, eat very healthy and basically not participate in a single stress relieving activity - no exercise, no sex, no booze, no sugar, no wheat, little dairy or red meat.
And whether is works or not, it still costs a fortune, in money and in your emotional and physical energy.
I've been an emotional wreck this week, stressed to the limit.
I've been sure that I pregnant and sure that I'm not.
I've been super relaxed and holding on by my fingernails.
I've been praying for Hope and trying to trust.
I've been irrationally angry, had screaming arguments (in my head) with people I love.
This is all hormones and anxiety and stress and I know it will pass to some extent as soon as I know if Hope is still with us next week.
I've tried to post a picture here of our little perfect 19 but for some reason it is not working. So you'll just have to trust me, she is beautiful, shining like a diamond.
I just have to get through another 4.5 days.

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