Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 10

Things have been a bit up and down lately regarding this pregnancy but overall it's all good.

Week 6 - scary bleeding all week, day 2 of which I got an ultrasound (woohoo for private care!) and it showed a small bleed which was low in the uterus while baby (with a heartbeat we could hear) was up high.

Week 7 - bleeding stopped and our second ultrasound (again YAY for private care) showed that baby was looking good. We had a last chat with Dr H who basically said, 'call your Dr for your first regular maternity apt, I probably won't see you again."  Basically, this is a low risk pregnancy because, although I'm turning 37 this year, risk is based on the age of the egg, which was only 33 when it was frozen. So baby is just a young thang and my aging uterus can take care of it just fine! :) So I'm considered a regular pregnancy after one last ultrasound to confirm things still look good.

Week 9 -  regular maternity apt with Dr. L, found the heartbeat with the dopler.

Week 10 - last ultrasound with the fertility clinic and things look great, baby waved to us and showed off that he/she has feet. YAY Feet!

So with that verification I felt confident enough to tell my work that I will be leaving again on mat leave.
Eeek that really makes this feel real. I'm telling the world!

In related news, thank goodness for diclectin, it has saved me from complete misery with my nausea. I still have some really tough evenings/bedtimes where wave after wave of nausea makes it hard to sleep. But I'm not throwing up, so I'm grateful.

We have a crazy couple of weeks coming up but I'm not panicked about them. All will be well. We are pregnant and I have a crazy confidence in our Hope that I didn't have with the twin pregnancy. This little one is meant to be.