Wednesday, May 7, 2014

12 weeks and alls well

We had our 12 week ultrasound on Monday and our little one was super active, putting on a great show for us. And I'm so sure it's a girl that I'm just going to refer to her that way going forward.

She's got hands and feet and long legs and arms. She spins and kicks and stretches out. It was very fun to see. So with that lovely view in my mind I left for work on Tuesday with the kids ready to tell all my work people that I'm expecting.

I left for work Tuesday morning with the kids in the backseat heading to daycare first, Sam chatting away, rain pelting down but sunshine breaking through the sparse dark clouds.

We turned onto Wilkinson and a moving truck was in front of us. We drove along happily following until he quite slowly turned left into a driveway. I had to slow down a bit but not a lot and just as he cleared my field of vision I saw a red truck in the other lane over near the shoulder moving fast. Moving so fast he looked like he was going to go right under the moving truck. Then he swerved hard.

He swerved so his nose was pointed straight at us and I gasped or yelled or something. He straightened at the last second and instead of hitting us head on he plowed stright into the rear tire of the moving truck.

I looked to pull over but there was no shoulder on my side of the road and there were a line of cars coming behind me. Sam kept repeating over and over, "red truck hit big truck," "red truck hit big truck."

I talked to him and explained it as best I could and validated what they saw and told him the man would get help. I kept looking for a place to stop or turn around and yet I kept driving. I was shaken.

I dropped the kids off and went to work. I discovered that you can fill out a witness form online and submit it for both ICBC and the police, which I did. But I wish I'd done more.... if it hadn't been raining, or I hadn't had the kids or there had been a place to pull over or no traffic coming up fast behind me or or or or...

I hope I do get a call from the police or ICBC so I know they received my information. When I travelled that same route this morning I noticed the location where it happened and I do believe the red truck was just going too fast as he came around the small hill and turn and he didn't have time to stop when he saw the truck.

And I can't help but believe his split second decision to straighten out may have saved our lives. There were four souls in my car that morning, three tiny precious ones that I"m responsible for.

That man's split second decision may have changed the course of our lives, it certainly changed the course of our day. Instead of dealing with hospitals and insurance and physical trauma of some kind or other, instead of working through fear and pain and shock yesterday, my children got to play happily at daycare and I got to go to work and share my beautiful news with my coworkers, "I'm expecting a baby."

How did we get so lucky?

I'm left thanking God over and over and praying for the driver of the red truck.

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