Thursday, May 29, 2014

Clarity of Communication

The development of language in a child fascinates me. Sam and Rachel learned to speak very differently - Sam never stopped making noise until it made sense, Rachel thought long and hard before coming out with a word or a part of a word and her babbling was generally more like talking to herself or singing to herself.

They have both been communicating their needs well over the past several months and clarity is getting better and better....even the lispy S's are slowly starting to be less lispy. But the past week Sam and Rachel have both learned pronouns and it's amazing.

How did "Bear Rachel crib" so quickly become "Bear in Rachel crib" and suddenly morph to "Rachel throw Bear in her crib?" Rachel just said that last one this morning and I was shocked.

A few days ago Sam surprised me at bedtime with "Mommy sleep her bed. Daddy sleep his bed."

Mostly sentences are still third person, which I find very endearing, but every so often Sam will say 'me.' Last month he yelled 'Daddy come catch ME" to entice Andrew into playing in the hallway. They still enjoy running into our arms and having us catch them.

I love it! And I love how proud they are when they master a complex word right off the bat. This weekend: caterpillar! Said perfectly.

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