Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The 2 Year Old Irrationale

Oh my, oh my, some days we hit rough patches that take me to the brink of screaming at the kids. The very brink! I mean beyond yelling, I do yell... usually "Stop yelling at Mommy!" Which probably doesn't help the situation but it kind of makes me feel better.

This morning was just one of those mornings with Sam.

In the beginning he didn't want to get dressed, he wanted to investigate the pineapple on the counter. Ok, so fine, I take Rachel to get dressed. That's when the yelling started and didn't stop for the next 15 minutes. Maybe he was mad because I walked out of the room with Rae and he was jealous?

He wanted me to look at the pineapple, he wanted me to hold his hand while he walked to the bedroom, or no, back to the kitchen. He didn't want a diaper change. He wanted a hug. He wanted a Daddy hug. He was furious that I took his PJ pants off to change his diaper. He spent the next 10 minutes wanting me to put the dirty diaper back on him. He didn't want to get dressed, he wanted to wear his PJ's to daycare. He didn't want Rachel to touch his shoes, but for him to get them from the shelf himself. He was just crying, screaming  mad about every single thing this morning. Right up to getting into the car and then he seemed okay with it all and off he went with Daddy to daycare.

Rachel mostly stood back and was super cooperative, probably to make up for the screaming. Or to make sure Mommy didn't yell at her to stop yelling.


It's a good thing days like this are balanced out by days like yesterday. Yesterday and Sunday were nearly perfect days. The kids were happy and cooperative, they slept well, they ate well, they played well alone and together, they were just happy as little pigs in dirt.

I'm sure part of that was the fact that we were busy but not rushed this weekend. And we did a lot outside!

Saturday we went to the petting zoo and then the playground and then had a picnic lunch. It was the perfect outing and the kids looooved the baby goats. Last year they didn't want to get close to those freaky, hairy creatures. This year they were gentle but totally excited to pet, brush and even try to give little hugs to the goats with no coaxing from us at all - well, ok, Rachel needed a little encouragement at first.

Sunday we visited friends in the morning and then in the afternoon we got the bike trailer out and went for our first family ride of the year. They were quite thrilled with the whole experience. Last year we'd have at least a little whining or crying during every ride. This time around they talked to us, to each other or sat quietly and watched everything around them as we rode. We stopped at the lake and let them run all the way to the end of the bridge and back. Exhausting them in the fresh air works wonders for bedtime!

Monday morning was a long visit to the local park and ducks. The afternoon was spent buying plants for the garden and then we planted them after dinner. The kids 'helped' but I have to say they mostly played pretend gardening while we did the planting and they were so freaking happy about it. They would get a tool to put dirt in the empty flower containers and then dump it out in a different spot. They would try to dig little holes. They'd ask each other for help and work together to do something....and, frankly, I'm not sure what else. I was busy planting and they were busy being kids....kids in dirt.

I'd look up from time to time and remind them, "Don't step on the plants," or "Don't put the dirt on your shoes."  "Okay Mommy" they'd immediately reply. They were completely compliant with every request. Maybe they were so happy because we let them be little pigs in dirt?

I do love my little piggies.

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