Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lovin the words ...and almost words

I love the mispronunciations that are happening in our house right now. I find it funny how some words are perfect and others that seem simple are totally mispronounced. They can say caterpillar, butterfly, complex words but the following are all their own:
Libear = Library
Potadot = polkadot
Prednes = present
Sampuh = something
Bargoo = barbeque
Shishoo = tissue
Laka = elastic
These are too cute to correct. I do use the correct pronunciation when I say the word but I don't try to get them to repeat it.
And since I can't seem to post pictures, here are a couple of links to recent videos. The twins are very keen on taking care of babies these days:
Baby Bear Rocking and Feeding
Twins Changing Diapers
(I don't know what the 'ever ever ever' was all about...it's a new word for them so I think they were just trying it out ... in an odd context.)

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