Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bossiness and Bedtimes

Oh boy are things getting bossy around these parts! Pleases and thank yous do happen but they are an after-thought most of the time or something we need to remind them of.

Frequent refrains these days:
"Daddy no drive way out Sam/ Rachel/mommy."  (Somehow they are always a little worried about being left behind or leaving someone important behind.... And they don't have the word 'without,' or away, it's just 'out' and 'way'.
"Saaaammmmyyy, Go Sleep Right Now! No get up gain!" (Rachel is determined to play this bedtime game nearly everyday after dinner. Sam will comply for a minute and then get up at which time Rachel starts hanging onto his waist trying to drag him back into the bedroom, yelling at him to go to bed. Sam finds this a little funny but has no intention of playing along with the game and Rae gets more and more incensed! We are trying to explain personal choice to Rae and get her to pick another game.)

Tangent: Bedtime in our house has shifted rather dramatically this past month from 7:30ish to 8:30ish with sleep achieved closer to 9:30. It's partially due to the later days, we're just more relaxed about timing but also I would prefer they still nap, so even though they probably could just do a 30 minute cat nap or none at all, I could really use an hour! So they aren't as tired at 7 or 7:30 as they used to be. Also Andrew took the sides of the cribs off about 3 weeks ago and we decided to just see what would happen.

Here's what happened. After about a week Rachel decided to test her new freedom and sneak out of her bedroom after getting tucked in. We strongly enforced the rule of "you can play in your room but if you leave your room, we will close your door." Closing the door results in loud screaming and general distress so that appears to have worked. She now happily plays almost silently in her room until she's ready for a final diaper change and to get tucked in which often occurs around 9, 9:30.

Sam still doesn't seem to grasp the fact that he can get out of the bed himself without a grownup present. YAAAY! So he continues to yell for us from his crib for whatever he seems to need after we put him down, "One last huuuug Mooommy. One Last Hug!!" and "Music OOON Daddy" and "Turn hallway light On Daddy, too dark" and "Tuck Me In" and "Sam need water, one last drink." Putting Sam to sleep is a little like a game of wack-a-mole, you never know which hit is going to actually win the game. Sometimes he just needs one last hug and he's asleep but more often he runs through that whole list of requests over the course of an hour before he finally falls asleep. Siiigh!

With the later bedtime they are sleeping in a bit later in the mornings- usually 6:30, even 7:30 sometimes, which is way better than 5:30... although it's Andrew who gets up with them in the mornings so I can't really complain either way. Andrew lets me sleep an extra hour usually, sometimes even 2 hours depending on the day, which is making this pregnancy thing much easier. (I sleep far better in the mornings than late at night when baby Hope likes to Tango and Cha cha and generally get her groove on.)

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