Monday, August 25, 2014

Goodbye naps, hello looong third trimester

Well, I finally accepted that the bedtime issue just wasn't going to resolve itself magically. The fact is both kids were up for over an hour after the later bedtime and we were only getting 45 minute of adult time before our own bedtime.

So I'm sad to say our napping days are basically over.  

It has been over 2 weeks now of either no naps or just short 30 minute naps and bedtime is now a dream. Both kids asleep almost immediately.  This makes me happy!

However, the idea of going through my whole third trimester with no naps makes me want to cry.
I'm at 28 weeks, and still feeling pretty good. If I lift too much or do too much helping the kids, I end up with really a sore belly by the end of the day. But overall, I'm very mobile and still have pretty good energy for doing activities. This is a bit surprising since my iron is quite low again... I only felt it for the first time yesterday; this feeling of being completely drained of my "life force."

I want to tire these kiddos out every day so I try to leave the house with them twice a day. That involves shopping, water parks, playgrounds, library and sometimes even swimming! I'm very pleased to be able to say I can now take two two-year-olds swimming by myself. They aren't kids who run away, they listen well, follow instructions, especially when they are happy.

The only issue I run into is when we need to leave and they are getting hungry, which equals less cooperative. So when they say "I stay," I don't argue with them, I just say, "Ok, Mommy needs to go home and have lunch/snack/whatever else" and then I start getting ready to go. Inevitably I get about 2 feet away and they pipe up "Sam coming too!" or "I go Mommy," which I always respond to with delight that they will be joining me. :) When they are old enough to call my bluff, I'll have to change tactics but I'm loving this one right now.

So here I am 28 weeks, shockingly weighing basically exactly what I did with the twins. I think I may actually have to work at losing this baby weight! I'm okay with that, I'll take a natural (short) delivery, healthy recovery, no infection, no debilitating anxiety and a regular workout schedule, thank you very much. I so wish we could just order these things online like everything else. :)

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