Thursday, November 20, 2014

41 Weeks and Healing

I'm a full week overdue now and maybe the only woman in history to be so incredibly grateful for the delay.
I am now over the worst of the hand foot and mouth disaster that struck our house. This 'mild' virus that most adults are immune to struck us all like dominos. One benefit seems to be that we were all at our worst at different times and the worst of the virus runs it's course over 4 or 5 days. This spread out the timeline of the whole contagious household period (seriously stressful when giving birth is imminent!) but allowed us to focus on the individual who was at their worst at the moment. Sam and Rachel each had two bad nights. Andrew and I each had two bad nights but those nights never really coincided with the others.
Tuesday night was my worst ever. My feet were on FIRE! Tylenol did very little. Melatonin was a total tease, relaxing me only enough to make my feet more sensitive. 12:30 found me soaking my feet in cold water in an attempt to bring down the swelling just a bit.... so they didn't feel like they were going to explode when the sheets touched them. I slept about 3 hours total.
(Many of the blisters develop deep under the skin and are super painful on skin that is thick like the soles of the feet. I think that explains why the kids blisters only bothered them for a short time and Andrew and I suffered for 3 whole days with them. The kid's skin is so soft that the blisters came up more easily.)
However by Wednesday morning I didn't feel I needed to take a Tylenol to get through the morning. And I napped morning and afternoon and could feel the swelling decrease throughout the day. Walking was less and less painful as the hours passed and I could see the swelling and fluid disappearing from the blisters in my hands throughout the day. By dinner time handwashing wasn't painful anymore at all. Thank you God for the immune system!
Last night I slept through... well as much as one does at 41 weeks pregnant. By sleep through the night, I mean I was only up to pee (5 times?) and fell right back to sleep afterwards. Heavenly Sleep! And this morning after getting the kids out of the house I went back and slept another 2 hours. I better catch up now because whatever my future holds, I know it isn't an abundance of sleep.
Now that I can walk and use my hands without pain again, my day is going to consist of tackling laundry to help decontaminate the house. Woohoo, exciting times!
Baby Hope, we are almost ready for you. How about giving Mommy one more good night of sleep and then arrive on 11/21/14? Those numbers seem very lucky to me.

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