Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cierra's First Few Days

Just before delivery they told us they had consulted with the pediatrician and they would want us to stay for 48 hours in the hospital. This was so they could check Cierra regularly for fever to see if she had the HFMD virus that I was recovering from. My contagious period would be over by Monday (48 hour mark) and they wanted me to wear gloves when holding her. I wasn't going to complain.
As long as they didn't take her away, I would be fine.
After she was born, they put her right on my chest and we cuddled for quite a while. Her making little noises, me smiling like the happiest woman on earth and Andrew taking pictures.
Cierra didn't cry, she was breathing, she was pinking up but there was no loud crying from her. After a while they took her away to give her a bit of oxygen and see if they could get a solid cry from her.
They couldn't, she was just fine, finished 'pinking up' but she never gave a good loud cry until later that day, or even the next.
I had torn, so as they stitched me (again, thank God for epidurals!) we bonded and she even latched, on both sides! This girl was a champion sucker already.
Once we were all finished in the delivery room, they moved us to the Mother and Babe unit where we learned the staff would also have to gown and glove and mask whenever they came into the room. They also asked Andrew to not touch anything outside the room if he was leaving. So we had to call someone if I wanted juice or anything else from outside the room. But overall, this wasn't a terrible thing. Apparently there was another 'quarantined' room just down the hall from us so staff had their work cut out for them. (Not sure what the other people had, but actually having everyone gown and glove may have been a nice precaution for us too.)
Andrew went home for dinner and to put the kids to bed on Saturday, then came back for the night. On Sunday, he went home in the morning and brought the kids and grandparents back for a visit, then they all went home. He came back again that night after the twins bedtime and spent the night again.
I felt really good about managing those 9 hours on my own in the hospital. I was fine. Cierra was fine. I was tired and wanted to nap but overall, there were no issues.
The two days passed quite quickly. My pain was very manageable, I never got shocky. Cierra and I had lots of time snuggling. And then we went home.
A 10 minute drive is much easier to prepare for and execute than a 2 hour drive from Nanaimo! We were home before we knew it and then the chaos began.
Sam and Rachel were thrilled that we were home. Loud and happy and pushing boundaries and eager to talk talk talk about everything. My big kids are so big and 'my baby' ('your baby' Sam says, or 'my baby sister') is so small and perfect ... and quiet!
I actually don't remember if all newborns are like this for a while or if Cierra is a super relaxed baby but I'm hoping for the latter.
She eats when she wants to (imagine that! No Schedule, no pushing feeds) and does so very eagerly every 3-4 hours during the morning and afternoon, every 1-2 hours during the evening, and then she sleeps! She Sleeps! During the night!
For the past 4 nights she has gone 4-5 hours (once 6 hours) between feeds at night. Granted when she wakes, she eats a lot for a long time, full hour long feeds, but I have slept more this past week than I ever dreamed was possible with a newborn.
I pray this continues, my perfect baby girl, a good sleeper and a good eater. It doesn't get better than that.

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