Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nov 21, 22, 23? The hopeful birth story

Today I had a Dr apt. I am sooo much better than I was earlier in the week with respect to conquering this virus. I had some real contractions this morning and I'm sure I passed....'something' and I feel I'm caught up on my sleep. So I really hoped that she would find I had made some progress.
Sure enough, I was 3-4 cm dilated. Whoo hooo!
All day I've had contractions on and off between 6 and 9 minutes apart. We went to the hospital for a non-stress test and an ultrasound this afternoon. Baby looks great, they guess she/he is about 7lb11oz.
That's a big baby! Much bigger than my wee 5lb twins.
Came home and managed a little nap and contractions basically stopped. They've started again now that I'm up and now it's a wait and see.. wait and see... wait and see.

I had contractions throughout the evening Friday but they slowed down as I got tired. So I went to bed! Did not see that coming. I expected to have a baby that night not go to bed.
I woke around 3:30 feeling ... Not quite right. I stayed in bed and shortly after 4 wondered if I was actually hungry. I considered some food when suddenly a contraction came on much stronger than my previous ones. And then another just a few minutes later and by the third one I started to track them and ran to the bathroom where my body ejected everything from my lower digestive system.
So between strong contractions I had super strong cramping diarrhea. Not fun!
After about 15 to 20 minutes of that, the contractions were coming even faster, every 2.5 minutes, I started to panic a little. I had to get Andrew up! We had to get to the hospital! This was the real thing and it was happening super fast.
I managed to wake him, told him to wake my mom and that we had to go, now! We were out of the house within 15 minutes, it was 5:10. By then I couldn't walk through a contraction.
The great thing about running out the hospital at night is there is no traffic. We were there within 10 minutes. The walk from the parking lot in the rain was harrowing, having to stop twice for contractions and again twice in the hallways.
By now contracts were even closer than 2 mins and I knew I wanted an epidural, which I told them as we were 'checking in.' They took one look at how I was handling the contraction and put us in a delivery room and called the doctor on call.
Everything happened so fast from there, the doctor came right away and checked me. You would not believe the desperate prayer I sent to heaven that I wouldn't be too far along, that there was still time for the meds. I was about 7 cm and thinning nicely! She gave the ok and ordered the epidural.
The anesthesiologist came very quickly with the blessed meds. By now it was probably around 6 am? And contractions were so strong I could hardly breathe through them let alone consider moving. Breathing just made it hurt more and I swear contractions were only about a minute apart.
The epidural started to take effect and I could feel pressure too.
Everything after that point got easier. I got the shakes and they warmed me up with blankets but the pain eased off and I relaxed. By 7 the on-call doctor was debating leaving me until the shift change at 8am or checking me again. Since I was comfortable, she left me for the next doctor and 'let my body do the work' of getting baby down, rather than me pushing baby down.
And since I was comfortable, the next doctor left me too. I was probably fully dilated and could have pushed by 7 or 8am but 'eh, whatever.' She came back once or twice but never checked me until 9:50 and suggested we see how some pushing went.
Andrew made a dash to the bathroom and I attempted one push while he was gone. I made so much progress the doctor told me to stop to wait for him to get back, didn't want him to miss the birth. She was only partly kidding.
After the next contraction I asked for a mirror and got to witness the most beautiful birth ever.
I wasn't scared, I wasn't in shock. I was connected and in the moment and got a little teary with joy and anticipation at watching my baby slowly (not so slowly) come into the world.
The doctor said it was the first time she had ever looked up to see a Mom smiling as she pushed.
My sweet baby girl was born at 10:17 am on November 22, 2014.
Cierra Hope.

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