Sunday, November 16, 2014

Over due prayer request

I never thought I'd be overdue with this baby. I never thought I'd be praying to hold on as long as possible.
Sam and Rachel and Andrew all have hand foot and mouth disease and I fear I'm coming down with it too.  If I stay healthy, the worst of the contagion should be over by Thursday, one full week past my due date.
If I come down with it, it's pretty much guaranteed the baby will get it.... And my immune system will help her recover through breastfeeding. But breastfeeding might be mighty challenging if baby has sores in her mouth.
Gaaaaagh, I'm not liking our odds here. I've got a sore throat today and it's making me very anxious.
I'm suddenly anxious the way I was through so much of the twin pregnancy, freaked out about pains, about baby moving enough, about the possible complications and illness and keeping an infant safe through cold and flu season.
I'm trying to trust in God's timing, that all will work out the way it is meant to. That baby will be born on the day she is meant to be born and we can handle anything that happens.
I'm not succeeding. And I'll keep trying.
I've had some real contractions today. Baby is definitely lower and I know my body is preparing for this big event. I just don't know how ready I am emotionally given our rough week.
So I'm asking for prayers for all of us.

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