Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 weeks of baby

Sometimes it feels like I have a baby and the rest of the family life is just going on as best it can with me ... Encumbered. The twins don't pay much attention to Cierra yet.... But as she gets more and more alert, they are getting more interested. Sam acts downright bashful when she smiles at him. It's heartwarming.
And I am loving this amazing encumbrance. :)
On the days when the twins are home all day, Cierra tends to be quite wide awake. I think it may be an evolutionary thing.... Poor little girl better stay alert or she may get run over... Or completely forgotten in the mayhem that goes on when three years olds are cooped up in the house too long.
At 10 weeks she is finding her hands and chewing on them, batting at her toys and content to spend about half an hour alone on her play mat. But she loooves cooing and smiling and talking to anyone who will talk to her.
This weekend she cried real sympathy tears which was heartbreaking. Sam came to me crying about something and I was changing Cierra. I looked at him with concern and sympathy and probably a little frown on my face and when I looked back Cierra had her lower lip pushed out and her face all screwed up and she cried and cried these beautiful sympathetic tears. She cried as long as Sam did as I tried to comfort them both. Ah my sweet expressive children. So easy to read.
Rae on the other hand would have looked and then looked away and moved on to playing whatever she was interested in. But here is the thing. Even though she appears not to care, appears to be unmoved or not listening to us, she is! She is listening, she is moved, she just doesn't show it the same way and I need to be more aware of that, give her more time to process things and find a way to connect with her feelings in a way that meets her needs. I haven't figured out what that way is yet. It's not verbal, that's for sure..... And verbal is my way so I need to stretch myself a bit to connect with her.
This motherhood thing is so tricky and mothering three is going to always leave me feeling challenged. And I'm so grateful to be up for that and blessed with the challenge.

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