Thursday, June 18, 2015

6 months baby

Cierra is 6 months old and we are having so much fun! This is the start of my favourite stage.... Which lasts for a really long time but, you know, it starts somewhere.
The twins make her laugh and we all love that. She is also sturdy enough to handle great big hugs from the twins which they now love to give. Sam in particular is willing to really work to make her smile or get her to laugh at him, even when she is upset. He's a great mother's helper.
She knows how to fall asleep on her own! Woohoo. But we don't have to be completely rigid about naps, she can be happy for over three hours if we keep things entertaining enough.
She knows how to roll onto her tummy but then doesn't know how to get back so she is stuck and needs help. This is not fun when she wakes up at night but is quite amusing during the day.
She rides around the house on my hip and I wish I could carry her like that forever.
She is content to sit or lie down and play with her toys on her own for about half an hour. And she has always been this way. Makes my life so easy!
She plays shy with people, ducking her face against my shoulder then smiling at them again. Such a cute little flirt.
She sits up all by her big self! I don't want her to grow up any more and yet I love each accomplishment.
On the flip side there are a few things I look forward to her outgrowing.
She is still figuring out how to eat and swallow and it's not going great. She doesn't seem to like eating, although she is fascinated with watching us do it, she doesn't really like the foods I offer her... she doesn't seem to love feeding in general. (Shades of Rachel are showing up and it worries me a little. I've only been able to nurse her lying down for months now.) And we need her to eat as she is not gaining weight the way she is supposed to.
When nursing, she will pluck at my skin with her tiny little pinchy fingers.... irritating to say the least.
Overall, though, I am a very happy woman these days. Summer is going to be all about splash parks and playgrounds and pools on the deck and digging in the dirt ... in between naps for the baby.