Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sibling Fun and New Moves

Cierra loves us, we all know it, but there is a special something between her and Sam. Of course I understand it, he is a loud, dynamic fellow who is constantly moving. But there is also his love for her that makes her adoration even more complete.
Sam LOVES a good audience and he can almost always make Cierra smile if not laugh out loud.
He is also getting more and more physical with her. He rubs his head on her tummy to make her laugh and she will grab fistfuls of his hair making him laugh.
He will put his fists on her tummy and rock her back and forth with such force that I always check to make sure he's being gentle and she is always laughing and smiling at him. So I try not to interfere, I just remind him we need to be gentle.
He loves to hug her and will sit behind her and pull her backwards so she is lying on top of him which makes them both giggle. Cierra cannot get enough of her big brother!
Of course she loves Rachel too but Rachel is an introvert and less likely to play with Cierra. She is more interested in giving her toys and kisses than wrestling. But she does have a great time playing peekaboo and something about Rachel's high little voice always catches Cierra's attention and interest.
Cierra sits very solidly now and prefers to sit rather than lie down. In fact she only rolls over when she is on a bed, never on the floor. But boy can she ever roll fast... right over to the edge! I often leave Sam in charge of ensuring she doesn't roll off and he takes his job very seriously, sometimes sitting on top of her to keep her from doing another roll. She loves this... so he must not be putting too much weight on her. (right?)
I think she is going to learn to crawl by sitting forward and reaching for things like Rachel did, rather than by rolling and commando crawling like Sam did. I'm just really enjoying this stage where she stays where I put her. :) I'm not encouraging crawling at all!
Sam is as verbal as ever and the game he plays most often is "And then what would happen?"  The "Why?" game happens too but not nearly as much.
I think Rachel is showing signs of being quite an artist and engineer. She can draw surprisingly well for 3.5 and loves to build and organize things.
We just bought pedal bikes and right now it's a love affair that is hot and cold. Hopefully I'll give another update on that soon.