Friday, August 14, 2015

Pretty Fancy Outings

Andrew and I try to arrange for one on one time with the twins but it still seems rare. Usually if one wants to do something or go somewhere, the other will too. But that is changing this year and last month Andrew and Sam went out for some boy time.
It was a simple outing to a couple of stores but Andrew said he would see what else they could do and also find some lunch while they were out. I didn't know what this would entail.
Shortly after they returned Sam had to visit the bathroom and needed some assistance so I helped him out. And as he was washing his hands he regaled me with this lovely account of his special time with Daddy.
"We went to the restaurant baffroom and guess what Mommy?
After I peed, the toilet? It flushed all by itself. And that was pretty fancy.
And then we washed our hands and the water turned on all by itself. And that was pretty fancy.
And the soap just came out all by itself. And that was pretty fancy."
I smiled, I laughed, I agreed that it certainly sounded pretty fancy.
So that is what my boy came away with and I hope I never forget how pleased he was to be treated to such a fancy outing. :)
And since it seems wrong to not give equal air time to Rachel, I must share this little outing gem.
We were all at the park for an afternoon last weekend and it started to rain. We decided to walk by the live music that was happening at the amphitheater since we could hear it from the playground. I recognized the musicians as some old friends and Rachel obviously wanted to dance. So we headed up in front of the almost empty benches and let her show off her moves.
Oh my girl, she took my breath away! I adore watching her, and love love love the little kick of her heels.
Sam of course needed to show up briefly as well but was much more aware of the fact that we were in public. Rachel was just in the music and nothing else mattered.
Nothing quite like seeing the world through the eyes of a three year old!

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