Monday, August 3, 2015

Teefies and Moves

On the weekend at church I felt around Cierra's gums to see if I could feel any little teeth coming in. I had no idea that this little foray would result in any information. Sam and Rachel both didn't get teeth until they were a year.
Boy, was I surprised! Right at the bottom front I could feel the firm little ridges of two teeth coming in. In fact they felt so sharp I was surprised I couldn't see them but as much as I tried, I couldn't.
Today that changed.
Today, two little teefies broke through the skin and broke my heart a little bit at the same time. Of course, I want her to grow up big and strong and full of life and laughter.
AND I want to memorize the feel of her in my arms; the feel of her pushing her face into my shoulder and neck, her strong little body curved into mine in a joyful baby hug. I want to forever remember her goofy high pitched sing song sounds, her cheeky gurgles, the way she stares at her right hand as she holds the palm stretched up in the air as if it is something she cannot control but finds fascinating. I want to remember her utter fascination with the twins, how she can nearly twist her head around backwards to try to watch them from my arms no matter what her mood is.
And not only that, but last week I admitted she is crawling. The week before she could nudge herself around a foot or two but now she can traverse an entire room. On my birthday she actually put two hands and two knees down and crawled. Since then though she seems to have decided that one knee and one foot is the most stable form for cruising around the house.
Yesterday I put up the gate across what was once the dining room and sifted through all the kids toys. Everything that is baby safe can stay in the gated area for everyone to play with. Everything else has to stay out of that space, either in the twins rooms or downstairs.
Oh the times, they are a changing.
And I know it's going to be just the blink of an eye before we are taking that gate down again and selling off the baby toys. So I'm cherishing the moments.

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