Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cierra at 9 months

Life is so good at 9 months!
Life is about laughing and crawling and pulling up to stand. It's about playing peek-a-boo over Mommy's shoulder with the big brother and sister and getting attention by yodeling: Aiyyahyahyahyaya, Naanahnahnahnah Naha nah Nah, and occassionally Mamamahm.
It's about rolling around on the big bed, or on the couch, rubbing your head on the soft surfaces and falling backwards to be caught in the soft cushions.
It's about finding a dolly who has such a beautiful face, you can't stop giving her baby kisses and hugs and lying or sitting on top of her.
It's about following the big kids around and trying to get in the middle of whatever they are up to, especially if it's building block towers that you can topple over, or reading books that look tasty.
It's also about talking one's self to sleep at night and sleeping through until 5am! (Mama learned that the dream feed should happen by the Mama waking up the baby and feeding her, not waiting for her to wake up. That way the baby learns there is No reason to wake up by herself at night time.)
Life is also about food! Ooooh whatever anyone else is eating needs to be shared and consumed if at all possible.
It's about big siblings pushing you on the swing at the park and splashing in the water at the waterpark and kicking and splashing at the pool.
It's about full bodied excitement when the big kids come home after being out and lots of hugs for and from everyone!
Yep, this is the life! (For all of us!:))