Sunday, October 4, 2015

Best Days

I keep thinking these are the best days of my life. Not the easiest.... not by a long shot! But the best in terms of fulfillment, fun, emotional contentment, purpose. 
Life is hectic and loud and often it's like trying to herd cats or lizards or monkeys. And that's ok because they are my monkeys.
And because I know I will forget, here is a typical Monday in my house right now.
12:35 am baby wakes me, pat her back, put her back down.
4:45 feed baby and get back to sleep.
5:30 baby wakes, comfort her and put her back in crib.
6:00 baby wakes, feed her, wake up her daddy And hand off. Back to bed!
8:00 Andrew gives baby back, feed Cierra, get up and have breakfast while kids play and daddy gets ready for work. Get kids dressed and coiffed. :)
9:00 kids watch tv while I get Cierra to sleep, then shower, get kids snack, unload dishwasher, reload dishwasher 
10:00 Cierra up, feed her snack and get the kids out of the house to get groceries
12:00 home for lunch, feed feed feed....  kids clean up toys to earn TV time, baby crawls around uncleaning what the kids clean, climbs over their cushion forts from the morning.
1:00 put baby down for nap while kids watch tv, clean kitchen, finish putting groceries away, eat cookies and rest for a few minutes. Aaaaah!! 
2:00 Cierra up, get kids outside for fresh air either park or playdate or time digging in the garden
4ish get home give kids pre-dinner veggies to tide them over, get dinner going or just play till Daddy comes home
5ish dinner and clean up and play time
6:00 start getting Cierra ready for bed
6:30 baby down 
7:00 snack for kids, bath, stories, teeth brushing, songs, 
7:30 lights out with multip-le interruptions or quiet play until....
8ish all three kids asleep 
CRASH on the couch!

Good, hectic days full of lots of physical effort but I love it.

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