Monday, November 23, 2015

Cierra's 1st Birthday

Cierra turned 1 yesterday. What a great year it has been! And what a great year this next one will be too.
We had a little party and I think the best part for Cierra was the balloons. She loves them!! The twins helped open the presents and Rachel helped her blow out the candle on the cake. :)
She took her first steps 2 weeks ago and is now practically running around the house. She is fearless and so eager to keep up and participate in all the big kid activities.
Cierra now wants to rough house on the floor with the twins and they are so good with her. They let her headbutt them and they laugh or pretend to fall over. She giggles whenever she manages to sit on top of one of them or pin an arm or leg overjoyed with the thrill of it.
Rachel  has started giving Cierra goodnight hugs and kisses. Cierra positively GLOWS with pleasure over this and then reaches out to attempt to return the favour.
She waves goodnight to Daddy. Last night he blew her a kiss and she responded by putting her hand to her cheek, like she had caught it or like she was trying to send one back.
Oh what a joy!
On Friday I took her for a little photo shoot to smash a cake and have some fun. She wasn't interested in the cake really but we got a few good pictures I'm sure. She was pretty serious the whole time she was in front of the camera though, not the sunny smiley girl we capture at home.
We are so blessed to have her and cannot imagine life without her.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Twin News

Sam and Rachel turned 4! Wooohooo four year olds are fun.
We went all out and had a party company do this year's birthday bash at a community centre with a pirate ship bouncy castle and face painting. I made a ridiculous number of cupcakes which all got consumed and we invited all the friends (my friend's kids) they've ever played with.
There were 20 children! It was loud and it was fun and only 2 hours and the twins loved it.
I figured this would be the last year that we could get away with inviting our friends and not their school friends so we might as well go big. In reality a lot of those kids were the younger siblings of the child we invited so there were a lot of tiny ones there too as well as their parents.
It was a lot less stressful for me hosting it outside of my house and I actually ended up feeling like I got a chance to chat a little with people.
Sam and Rachel are so great and I can already tell 4 is going to be a magical age.
They absolutely love their preschool class and have learned so so much these past two months. They have friends and they have new songs and new ideas and question after question after question. :)
They still play very physically together rolling all over each other, tackling, pretending to be dogs and cats and owners and ducks and dragons and monsters. And that physicality is still shared with me too, especially now that I'm not carrying around a tiny newborn, the twins are back to climbing on me when I'm down on the floor. They sit in my lap for hugs. They ask for tickles and kisses. They want to be picked up.....I usually answer no to that one these days.
They LOVED Halloween this year. There was no hesitation at all about running up to the neighbours doors and shouting trick or treat. They even remembered to say thank you sometimes!
Sam is a boy with a lot of energy and a lot of creativity. At school they have never seen Sam in a bad mood and he easily joins in with any other group of kids when he wants to join their play. He can also run or bike or jump for 45 minutes without slowing down during playtime!
Rachel is a quiet girl who knows her own mind and loves to have one special friend to play with. Right now the special ones are Austin ('he's my best friend') and Addy at preschool. She likes being in charge when she can be but mostly just wants to be accepted by others and she is always the first to make a new friend at the playground.
Both of them are very artsy! They love doing crafts, which now include tape and glue and scissors so this is a much messier process than when it was just crayons and markers.
They can play quietly when I ask them to and can ask for what they need as they need it. It's a lovely change from the toddler grumpies that would strike without warning.
Oh I do love my big kids so much and I love being home with them to help see them make sense of the world around them as it expands.
Very interesting conversation about police and car crashing happened the other day, which I'll share another time. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nigh Nigh

Today my baby girl became a toddler, taking her first independent steps in front of all of us.
"Are you going to walk Cierra?"
One small step, then the other foot. We clap and cheer. She claps her hands too.
Then another step and another, a little wobble, then another. We clap more and so does she. She loves the attention and even the twins can't take their eyes off her and her new moves.
Oh this is bitter sweet!
She is only 11.5 months and this is a solid two months ahead of when the twins walked. But she has been crawling for about 4 months now and has been standing so solidly for a couple of weeks.
But it was only a week ago that she walked by leaning really heavily on our hands for support. I didn't expect her to progress quite this fast.
And language too! We have 'Nigh Nigh' which was one of her first actually. (I forgot that in the last post) and now we have "Ehgoh" for "here you go" and "Aahdn" for "all done."
My baby girl is going to be a big girl way too soon for my liking. Although I looove watching her little personality unfold and every new word and lesson learned, I also want to hold her tight and memorize the feel of her little head on my shoulder, her small hand on my chest, her softly rounded  back under my hand, her soft fluffy hair under my cheek.
Oh my baby girl, you are such a complete treasure, my perfect reward for the hard work and difficulty of the twin's first year.
And not to leave them out completely, they are a wonder as well and I am completely loving the age of 4! :) More on them soon!
So, nigh nigh babyhood and good morning toddlerdom. We got this! Let's explore.