Monday, November 23, 2015

Cierra's 1st Birthday

Cierra turned 1 yesterday. What a great year it has been! And what a great year this next one will be too.
We had a little party and I think the best part for Cierra was the balloons. She loves them!! The twins helped open the presents and Rachel helped her blow out the candle on the cake. :)
She took her first steps 2 weeks ago and is now practically running around the house. She is fearless and so eager to keep up and participate in all the big kid activities.
Cierra now wants to rough house on the floor with the twins and they are so good with her. They let her headbutt them and they laugh or pretend to fall over. She giggles whenever she manages to sit on top of one of them or pin an arm or leg overjoyed with the thrill of it.
Rachel  has started giving Cierra goodnight hugs and kisses. Cierra positively GLOWS with pleasure over this and then reaches out to attempt to return the favour.
She waves goodnight to Daddy. Last night he blew her a kiss and she responded by putting her hand to her cheek, like she had caught it or like she was trying to send one back.
Oh what a joy!
On Friday I took her for a little photo shoot to smash a cake and have some fun. She wasn't interested in the cake really but we got a few good pictures I'm sure. She was pretty serious the whole time she was in front of the camera though, not the sunny smiley girl we capture at home.
We are so blessed to have her and cannot imagine life without her.

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