Friday, December 18, 2015

Expressing it

Cierra has started to express herself so much. She has lots of words: 'here you go' is my favourite. And she learned to sign 'more' after me showing it to her over a single lunch. Genius! :)
But the physical growth has been tremendous this month.
A few weeks after she started walking, she realized how quickly she could change direction. So she would walk to you and just as you thought she wanted to get picked up and she had your undivided attention, she would pivot and walk the other direction, kind of looking back at you: "see that? Did ya see what I did there?" Then she'd pivot and come back and do it again, over and over.
Now she has started walking backwards with a super funny look on her face, a sly little smile, gaze locked on mine as she slowly goes backwards, then kicks it into forward again and zooms right at me. She is so proud of herself.
This week she has started playing more like the big kids do. She wants to be chased so she squeels when you reach out to catch her and she asks to be tickled by tipping her chin waaaay back so you can get her neck.
She is loving the idea of surprise, I quickly turn around and tickle under her chin, the faster the better, she squeels and giggles.
She reminds me to brush her teeth at night after we nurse by pointing to her index finger and saying, 'aaaah.' She is also helping with chores just like the twins used to, getting all the cutlery out of the dishwasher one utensil at a time and handing them to me, saying, "heeh goh." I say, "thank you" for every single one. :)
The best though was today when Rachel wanted to help too. So Cierra handed the utensils to her as Rae stood on a stool and put them each away in the drawer.
 "Heeh goh."
"Thanks Sara"
Over and over.
She is still a baby in so many ways, yet so independent too.