Monday, February 22, 2016

CC's got personality

Oh boy am I sad that I haven't written in so long. Life has been good, so good! Christmas was wonderful. Since then we've had a long series of colds but overall, were still enjoying our life routine.
The twins have made leaps at school, including writing their names, doing their own chores with the help of our new chore chart, and just generally being more fun and funny. Sam still amazes me with his considerate questions. It brings me such joy to hear him ask, 'how was your morning mom?' or ' how was your day dad?' or 'what did you do today?'
Rachel is showing her sensitive side these days more and more, being a very huggy girl and asking, 'what can I help you with Mom?' ....not always at the most opportune times, but it's super sweet in a 4 year old none-the-less.
Cierra is a total joy! She reminds me every day that she is both just like the twins were at her age and she's also all her own girl. She so enjoys doing all she can alongside the twins but she's also learning about her own power.
She regularly steals things from Rachel just to make her mad. Steals things or pulls her hair or pulls on her clothes or trys to sit on her or get in her way because Rachel responds with such indignation, such lovely shrieks and screams of anger, screams for me to help her. Cierra knows Rachel won't push her back or hit her, would never hurt her. Oh the power she wields, the evil little pixie.
Cierra teases me by standing up in the bath. I ask if it's time to get out, "all done?" And she will smile but then sit back fast when I get the towel. And get mad if I make her get out.
She just loves chasing Sam and he loves being chased so they are a match made in heaven at the end of a day.
She hasn't gathered too many more words but doesn't need them either. Her communication is very clear; she gives me something to open for her (usually something she shouldn't have like the band aids or a big kid puzzle or toy) and makes it perfectly clear that she wants it. She hands it firmly to me, sits down on the floor, puts her legs out straight in front of her, looks at the floor, up at me, down at the floor. I'm ready momma! And I can't bear to say no.
Cierra has a deep, abiding love for Sam's shirts..... Yeah I have no idea why! She loves to pull them out of his drawer one by one or a few at a time and distribute them on his floor or make piles around the house. Then she will try to pick up the pile and make new piles. It keeps her very happy and occupied for quite a while. The other day I was asking her why and saying she needed to put them back and she looked at the tshirt I was holding and lifted her little arm up to me, maybe she even touched her sleeve with her other hand. And I caved, I put Sams shirt on over her own and she wore it so proudly for the rest of the day.
Sam is as risk of losing his position as chief laundry helper. Cierra insists on helping put the wet stuff into the dryer. And anytime I'm putting away clean laundry, if she sees an opportunity, she grabs something and I end up finding it in the dryer.
We are still nursing in the morning, at night and before naps. It's a pretty good routine and Cierra is very clear that she isn't ready to give it up. She also has a lot of fun pretending to go to sleep on the bed as soon as she finishes nursing then popping her head up shrieking with a laugh. Then immediately lies down again and closes her eyes, peeks to make sure I'm looking and jumps up again laughing. This will go on for many minutes.
Her little cheeks are getting softer every week and slowly disappearing as she grows but she is still my baby in so many ways and I'm determined to smooch those cheeks every day until she tells me not to. :)