Thursday, April 14, 2016

sisterly love

Rachel and Cierra already have a slightly tense dynamic which I can see might be very challenging in the teen years. I'll write more about that someday but suffice it to say hair pulling, biting, screaming, crying and closing herself into her bedroom to get away are all things we see on a regular basis! Like daily! Cierra is always the perpetrator, Rachel the victim (willing????)
Yet Rachel is very quick to worry and act to protect Cierra if ever there is perceived danger like out in the yard or driveway and Rachel wants to help Cierra whenever necessary, like helping her down the front walkway steps.
And no matter how tense things have been on a given day or week when we say our family prayer at dinner time (which happens a few times a week rather than daily but we are working on it) Rachel almost always ends the prayer by adding, "and thank you God for our baby."
I tear up almost every time.

Comprehension, Consideration, Cooperation

Cierra's body language is so obvious I think she could train dogs, let alone her parents and siblings. Who needs to work on words when you can point to something, then yourself and then sit down and wait to be served? Or hand something to someone and pat your head or arm and wait to be adorned with said object.
Of course she does do a lot of babbling and has quite a few clear words and word combinations and many more indistinct but obvious repetitions of our sounds. But her understanding is what surprises me and I remember this with the twins too. They go from not doing anything you say to suddenly cooperating, becoming helpful even!
Example 1: Cierra is grumpy and just wants to nurse and I say 'OK but we have to do the laundry first' and she considers this and then helps be throw all the wet stuff into the drier and is in a better mood after the work too.
Example 2: The twins are taking too long getting their shoes on and still need their coats. Cierra and I have our coats but are waiting to get our shoes on till the space is cleared and I say "guys don't forget your coats!" Cierra helpfully gets each coat and gives it to the appropriate kid. Adorable or what?!?Example 3: we are trying to get out of the house (sense a theme here?) and I say oh I still needs socks! Cierra looks at my feet and walks to the bedroom and emerges with a sock which she puts on top of my foot while making noises like 'here you go you need sock I bring you sock!' I went to the bedroom and sure enough age had gotten it out of my sock drawer even though she isn't tall enough to see into it, she knew what was in there. She failed to close it after she got the sock .... Ah our little imperfections. (I'm kidding!!)
She is growing up way too fast for my liking.