Thursday, April 14, 2016

sisterly love

Rachel and Cierra already have a slightly tense dynamic which I can see might be very challenging in the teen years. I'll write more about that someday but suffice it to say hair pulling, biting, screaming, crying and closing herself into her bedroom to get away are all things we see on a regular basis! Like daily! Cierra is always the perpetrator, Rachel the victim (willing????)
Yet Rachel is very quick to worry and act to protect Cierra if ever there is perceived danger like out in the yard or driveway and Rachel wants to help Cierra whenever necessary, like helping her down the front walkway steps.
And no matter how tense things have been on a given day or week when we say our family prayer at dinner time (which happens a few times a week rather than daily but we are working on it) Rachel almost always ends the prayer by adding, "and thank you God for our baby."
I tear up almost every time.

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