Sunday, June 12, 2016


Today my heart melted a few times.
Cierra and Sam were in a kind of hug-a-thon which was adorable enough, Cierra holding on and lifting her legs up to try to wrap them around his waist, but then Rachel joined in making a Cierra sandwich hug. Then Sam suggested a family hug. it was super sweet, enough said.
But at bedtime Sam topped himself.
I sing them a little song when I tuck them in a night and my repertoire is growing. When they were tiny it was twinkle twinkle, then it was somewhere over the rainbow, then parts of song bird, then true colours, and now it's the final part of 'the rose'.
When I finished tonight Sam said, "that song makes me feel kind of sad." And I said I could find a happier song to sing him. He said, "no, it just makes me sad because I love you so much. I just love you so much I'm kind of sad about it."
How is that for 4.5 years old?
If only he knew how often I feel like crying because I love him so much.