Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oh what a summer!

I had so looked forward to this summer! I had so many visions of our days.
I'm pleased to say that we lived out quite a few of those visions and many days were spent in the sun and sand, in parks and in water, with friends and just by ourselves. We snacked, we lunched, we played, we applied and reapplied sunscreen. I requested they wear hats, they complied occasionally.
We were back home mid day every day for Cierra's nap, tv watching and lunch, which meant we had 2 potential outings every day, one 9-11, the other 2-4. I tied the practical neccesities into those outings, like groceries or other shopping.
I'm a bit surprised at how little we were at beckwith park, it's so close I figured we'd live there this summer. But I wanted to avoid the crowds there from 10 am till 3 so we spent more time exploring other parks and beaver lake and more time in our own yard, playing in the sprinkler, with the hose making 'cake' with garden dirt and other yard ingredients, having snack picnics on the grass.
We hit up the library every week, the kids enjoyed their 3 camps they attended. they were the perfect age!
It was a great summer and also an exhausting one for me.
Some things didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. Cierra was so easy to take places until May/June when she decided she was not interested in the stroller, she's a big kid too! So no stroller meant one less thing to lug around, but not having it quadrupled the danger factor with Cierra being mobile and me still having to occasionally have eyes on the big kids. That made outings quite stressful, especially if we were by a lake or in parking lots or by busy roads. Not fun! Also no stroller meant I had to carry our bags and other outing requirements.... Plus keep a hand on Cierra.
Cierra also is pushing her own agenda more and more, wants her own more complex needs attended, and desires to join the big kid play, which leads to friction. But she also still wants to be super physical with me, lots of wrestling fun.... Which, of course!, the twins want in on too!! But they are soo freaking big now they pummel me!
So by the end of July I felt physically dragged down, anxious, burdened, burned out, short tempered, unheard....On the verge. Ya know what I mean? The veeeerge!
At 4 years old and 20 months old, these kids are LOUD, vibrant, demanding, creative, chaotic, absorbed in their own worlds. They do not listen! They follow their own agendas when I have to turn my attention to someone else's needs. And there is ALWAYS someone else needing something!
Why, oh why, do I have to yell to get anyone to do anything? The whining, the fighting, the intense immediacy of every single thing going on in their heads or with their bodies that I MUST know about! or attend to! right now!  for three kids! at the exact same moment!
Lord, have mercy!
It's nearly driven me to drink! It's definitely driven me to chocolate.
Bring on kindergarten!!!