Monday, April 10, 2017


Just a few things that I want to remember:
Sam asked me to draw a bunny for him so I quickly sketched out a shape. He looked at it and then asked with great sincerity, " mommy, do you know what a bunny looks like?"
He so obviously didn't mean it in any other way, just a genuine question. I laughed so hard, which confused him. I explained I did know what a bunny looks like, I'm just a really bad artist.

A couple weeks ago over spring break we were driving to Karate and Sam said he didn't want to grow up to be anything, not a fireman, or a worker or anything. I felt a little jolt of concern and gently asked why. He said, " cuz I'd just miss you too much being away from you all day."
Oh my heart! I told him he might not always feel that way but I was happy to hear him tell me that now.
Later after karate as we drove home the twins were saying that not every grown up has kids and Rachel said she was glad to come into my tummy so I didn't have to wait anymore. Sam said he was glad to come out of my tummy so I could be his Mommy and I didn't have to be sad anymore.
I was a little shocked. I don't recall ever saying that I was sad before when we were waiting for them. Although I have definitely said I Would have been sad if I didn't have them.
We all have so much to be grateful for.