Fitness after Corona - many Germans find it difficult

It's no secret that the current healthcare crisis has had its effects, and while the lockdown is now over, we're still far from normal. The fitness sector, among others, has been transformed by the crisis. This is most evident in the attitudes of the population. Before the pandemic, about 70 percent of Germans thought it was perfectly normal to go to the gym when they were sick.

In the meantime, this is no longer the case, as can be seen from an article by Myprotein. In general, the topic is taken up by some renowned magazines in the fitness and health sector. But what exactly has actually changed? Let's take a look!

Returning to the gym often no longer an optionDuring

the lockdown, gyms had closed and working out was only possible from home. Now, workouts at the gym, while limited, are once again an option.

Actually, one would expect that this would encourage many Germans to train more in the gym again. However, this is not the case. In fact, a full 45 n said that working out at the gym was no longer an option for them. The number of people who want to avoid crowded places is as high as 60%.

While the fear isn't entirely unfounded, and gyms self-explanatorily carry some risk of infection, it's becoming a problem. For one thing, most gyms are struggling financially anyway due to the lockdown, and now the situation is only getting conditionally better. On the other hand, 25 of the Germans stated that they did too little sport. Since the health situation is not optimal not only because of Corona, but also because of overweight, these are alarming numbers.

There are no excuses not to exerciseIn

principle, exercising in a gym is not a problem, as individual studios have to follow strict regulations in order to continue their operations.

Nevertheless, the fear of Germans is understandable and an argument for not working out in a gym. However, there is no excuse for generally foregoing a regular workout. After all, as long as your health allows it, you don't need a gym to work out. Fitness in your own home works well and there are numerous people who demonstrate this.

Some have even been training exclusively at home for years and have achieved impressive results. Moreover, it just so happens that in this day and age, there are numerous videos on the internet that are designed for a home workout. So there's no excuse for not exercising, and that's even if another lockdown happens.

Fitness is highly recommended right nowSince

we are currently in a health crisis, now is actually just the right time to pay more attention to your fitness. Especially since the lockdown has led to many Germans eating more and struggling with sleep disorders.

These consequences can usually be remedied by regular training. Furthermore, sport helps to strengthen our immune system. It has been proven that especially older people and people with a weak immune system are affected by Corona. The risk of infection in fit people, on the other hand, is low.

And if an infection does occur, it is more likely to take a mild course. It is therefore advisable to do more for your body right now. However, this does not only include regular exercise. Other factors include a healthy diet, relaxation exercises in case of stress and visits to the doctor for check-ups.

Those who follow all these have a good chance of surviving the health crisis. On the other hand, renouncing fitness should only be done in exceptional cases.

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