How temperature contrasts affect our health

There are two times a year when we suffer in a special way in our health the problems of temperature changes. In summer it is important to manage the use of air conditioning properly, while in winter the same applies to heating. In all cases we must bear in mind that excessive temperature changes are harmful to our body, so it is important to always try to offer the body a more progressive temperature change. In the comfort of our home we always have the opportunity to manage the temperature level so that we are in a proper way and do not suffer negative consequences.

It is essential that we seek the ideal temperature in the home. In relation to this, the professionals in air conditioning in Madrid recommend that this temperature is always in the range of 22 to 23 degrees. Ensuring this level of temperature in the home is what will prevent us from suffering possible health problems. People's bodies, which are at a constant temperature of 36 or 36.5 degrees, are responsible for working in relation to the outside temperature to always offer us the best sensations.

In winter, for example, our body's blood vessels shrink so that the blood reaches the whole body more quickly by increasing the speed of circulation. In summer, sweating, peripheral vasodilation and water loss through the skin ensure that the temperature is regulated, and the body is very intelligent and makes these changes in temperature, but if we subject it to constant changes and continuous effort, it is logical that health problems occur internally. That is why it is important to make a continuous effort to ensure that the body does not bear the full burden of extreme temperature changes in both winter and summer. A good way to support the body and the body in general is to ensure that, although it may be a little uncomfortable, the temperature changes are not so extreme when going in and out of places where there is heating or air conditioning.

For example, in winter it is advisable not to take off many clothes when entering a place with strong heating if a few minutes later we are going to go out again to the cold outside. This is how we can stay very healthy.

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