Increase your creativity - these are the possibilities

Many people in creative professions are looking for ways to increase their creativity. After all, sometimes there is a lack of ideas and work becomes very tedious as a result. A good example of this is writers who struggle with writer's block from time to time. Fortunately, there are ways to do something about your creativity.

Let us show you some of them.

Taking agents that boost creativityThere

are some agents that have been proven to have a positive effect on our creativity. However, some of them require a prescription or are even illegal. Often they bring not insignificant side effects with them. However, this mainly applies to chemical preparations.

Those who rely on herbal substances, on the other hand, basically have nothing to fear. Among other things, the oral intake of cbd oil can indirectly have a positive effect on our creativity. For example, the active ingredient can increase alertness, which in turn helps with concentration. In addition, cannabidiol reduces stress, and stress is pretty much the last thing people in creative professions need.

After all, this often leads to some sort of blockage. Creative ideas thus fall by the wayside. CBD, by the way, is freely available. If necessary, it can be purchased easily through dealers such as greendom.dex.

There is usually also a large selection of products available.

Exercise in the fresh airSometimes

a walk in the fresh air can be a real inspiration. So people in creative professions should consider getting some fresh air on their breaks. In fact, on average, athletes are more creative than most people. So there's no question that some exercise can have a positive impact on our creativity.

It's not surprising. After all, exercise gets us going. We become more active overall. So it's much easier to let the (creative) thoughts bubble.

Reading booksReading

helps us stay mentally fit. So somewhere it's self-explanatory that it also has a positive effect on our creativity. Especially since reading opens up new worlds for us or increases our knowledge base. Depending on what kind of book it is.

Books stimulate our brain as well as our concentration. Moreover, over time, our vocabulary improves as well as our way of expressing ourselves. In some creative professions, this can be a great advantage. Among other things, authors who read a lot are usually a lot more flexible when it comes to writing.

This is because, for example, they know different writing styles. Basically, reading for half an hour a day is already enough. As long as it is done regularly, positive effects can be expected.

Take notesOccasionally

we have creative ideas, but they get lost quickly because we don't write them down. This can be prevented with a notebook.

If you take notes every time you have a good idea, you will implement more ideas overall. While of course this has no direct impact on creativity. Still, note-taking is commonplace in creative professions. It's not without reason that many writers, singers, and songwriters never leave home without a pen and paper.

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