Virtues and benefits of natural cosmetics

In recent years, natural cosmetics have undergone spectacular development. Not only has the demand for ready-made products increased, but more and more people are choosing to make their own cosmetics based on natural ingredients. And this is not surprising. These products have a very positive impact on the environment, responsible consumer habits and the health of our skin.

And if that's not enough, natural cosmetics are good even for our benefitsThe natural ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics have a great advantage over those used to make industrial products: their cellular composition is similar to ours. The clays and essential and vegetable oils used contain fatty acids similar to the lipids in our skin. This quality is very beneficial in terms of cell regeneration, because correct cell regeneration is what delays aging. Furthermore, these natural products contain many nutrients and trace elements that give our health an added benefit, as they help to strengthen our immune system.

An ally of the environmentFor a cosmetic to be considered natural it must be made with ingredients of plant origin. The only elements of animal origin allowed are beeswax and lanolin. Of course, petroleum products and any synthetic substances are also excluded. This includes emulsifiers and preservatives, which must be obtained by natural processes and not by synthesis.

For example, soya lecithin is used as an emulsifier so that fatty ingredients can be mixed with water, while natural cosmetics are very environmentally friendly. It only uses plants from organic crops, which do not make use of herbicides or chemical pesticides. It also does not use synthetic dyes or preservatives. And the products are presented in recyclable packaging, as well as the waste generated by the production process.

For little more than the cost of a conventional moisturizer, we can acquire the essential oils, vegetable oils, waxes, floral waters and clays necessary to elaborate all the cream that we are going to use during a year. Although if we prefer to buy our beauty treatments already made, there are websites like Adaralia Natural Cosmetics that offer a wide range of quality products ready to use.

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